Debt Management

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We Make Financial Advice and Debt Management Simple

Borrowing money is easy these days and that’s why it’s even easier to get into debt.

But, not all debt is bad debt.

Having a debt management plan in place and understanding the different between good and bad debt could help you make better financial decisions.

Good Debt

“Good” debt is when you borrow to invest to purchase wealth-building assets – meaning assets that are likely to increase in value over time and/or give you an income. Good debt may also be tax deductible.

An example of good debt is borrowing to purchase shares or an investment property.

Bad Debt

“Bad” debt is a loan used to purchase non-income producing assets and where the interest on the loan is not tax deductible.

Using a credit card or a personal loan to fund a holiday or to buy luxury items are examples of taking on bad debt.

How we Can Help

Knowing how to manage your debt can help you take control of your financial future and manage your cashflow.

We can recommend a debt management plan to help you pay down your bad debt whilst using good debt to build long term wealth.

Should You Borrow to Invest?

Borrowing to invest (also called gearing) may help you accelerate the process of wealth creation by allowing you to make a larger investment than would otherwise be possible.
This greater exposure gives you the potential to magnify your returns, but can also magnify your losses.

To take control of your debt speak to a qualified Financial Adviser at Armstrong Financial Planning.

We’re Here to Help

Picture this: you lie awake at night, struggling to think of a way to pay off your debt faster. Or maybe you and your partner talk in circles about your investment options but are confused about the best place to start.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, we can help.

Financial advice and planning can be confusing.

At Armstrong Financial Planning, we make financial advice and planning simple.

Building wealth and meeting the goals you want to meet doesn’t happen overnight. It takes expert advice and careful planning – and no, not the kind of advice you’ll find at a family barbeque.

We offer financial advice backed by years of experience helping you understand how to get the best out of your financial future.

And trust us when we say that you won’t have to worry about confusing industry jargon. We understand you and want to make getting the right kind of financial advice as simple and accessible as possible.

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